Pre-Build, Pre-Test Services

Understanding your need to have your system and facilities working for you as quickly as possible, Acadian offers a unique Pre-Build, Pre Test service. Prior to your facility leaving our yard we can totally pre-build it within the same size area as its final location.  Once function tests are complete, we will dismantle, ship and re-assemble at your site anywhere within North America.

With our Pre-Build, Pre-Test services we can:

  • Build and test a complete production facility for any number of wells
  • Built and test right in our own 125-acre yard
  • Assemble, Mark, Document, Dismantle and Rebuild on your construction site
  • Insure everything is in optimum working order
  • Reduce field installation time
  • Reduce number of welds required in the field
  • No location or project size limitations
  • Put you on-line quicker
  • Control Cost Effectively

Compliance & Certifications

  • ASME U & R Stamp
  • ASME Section VIII / ASME Section IX
  • API 650
  • AWS D1.1 (Structural Welding)
  • ASME B31.3 / B31.8 / B31.9 (Pipe Welding)
  • API 1104 (Pipe Welding)
  • AWS D1.2 (Aluminum Welding)
  • AWS D1.6 (Stainless Welding)
  • Primavera 6 Scheduling Software