Health, Safety & Environment Management

Reduce accidents, control losses and award good safety and healthy attitudes.  Acadian Contractors, Inc. is aware that safety is essential for employee welfare, moral and relations.
Establish a comprehensive Safety Program which encompasses all levels of activity.  Accident prevention is the responsibility of all and requires continued effort and participation of all. Safety is a team effort and by identifying workplace hazards, accidents can be prevented.
Operate within or above the guidelines of applicable federal, state, and local requirements.

Acadian Contractors Inc. Management is responsible for promoting the Safety and Environmental Policies and Procedures outlined within Safe Work Practices (SWP).
Management is responsible for ensuring all field supervisors have the available resources, knowledge and experience to carry out the duties assigned in the SWP.

Management is responsible for leading and motivating personnel to work safely by encouraging and rewarding safe performance, by setting good examples and communicating company policies and expectations to supervisors. Management is responsible for ensuring operations are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Each employee is trained to recognize hazards.  All parties have the responsibility for his or her own safety.  Potentially hazardous conditions shall be properly communicated to immediate ACI Project Managers, Superintendents, Foremen, Persons in Charge (PIC), Consultants, and also Sub-Contract Employees or HSE Representatives.  Sub-Contract employees must maintain current training requirements and utilize proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Consistent and comprehensive job planning and permitting, together with observational feedback shall be cornerstones of the safety process. Acadian employees shall strive to clearly communicate stated goals of the company’s safety culture to all contract personnel.